Monday, 7 December 2009

Glamour vs Grunge

This was my first photography project and use of a DSLR. The brief was to recreate a piece of art through photography. I decided to use Jackson Pollock's work, an artist with a split personality. The man, like his art, appears to be innocent, graceful and sensitive. But at the same time his life and art might seem to be crude, macho and abrasive. It was my intentions to combine contrasting elements to relfect this juxtaposition to Jackson Pollocks work and life. The outcome can be as obvious or subtle as I wished. The Photos capture the 3 elements of Jackson Pollock that I wanted to reflect. The soft gentle side to Pollock is relfected through the beauty of the model, contrasting to the decrepid worn location, portraying the viscious side to the artist. The free flowing splash marks, so reconisable to Pollock's work is shown by the long spiralling willow wrapped over and around the model.