Wednesday, 24 November 2010


These are part of a collection of drawings done for my latest 3 week brief. I have drawn 10 Egyptian Artefacts found during visits to the Bristol Museum. I really enjoyed employing this drawing style applying directly using a fine line. No pencils scribbles for me!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


For my Communicating with Words module i was asked to design a typeface using My inspiration came from post war ceramic sets, in particular Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Before jumping on the computer and designing the font using the pixel based programme it was essential to get my hands dirty! Getting hands on and creating letters in a similar style to the sculptors above gave me a wider scope into curved ceramics and was also a lot of fun. Think I will have to get the clay out more often from now on.

I have now finished this project but unfortunately am having trouble uploading imagery. For now please use these links below:

CeramicConstruct Fonstruct (This is a free downloadable font available to everyone)

Rachel Whiteread

Some of the most influential work I come across lately is the drawings of Rachel Whiteread. After visiting her exhibition at The Tate Britain I was hugely inspired with regards to my drawing approach. She has taught me to consider forgotten objects, apply considered lines and especially not to over complicate imagery. I would highly recommend the exhibition. 

Lucky Strike

As part of my Communicating with Images project 'Sense of Place' I was asked to produce a 3d model on site using improvised materials. I chose to use a collection of old Lucky Strike packets that I held close to my heart. The results however Im really please with. The Brunel Swivel bridge was a great image to work from. The link to cigarettes reflects the strong input of the tobacco factory during the industrial revolution. This contributed to much of the terrace housing in the Cumberland Basin area, which were built for the workers.


You must check out the latest instalment from animation genius blu. Must of taken a lot of time to create but the results are incredible.