Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This is a project for UWE that was set prior to my interview. I was asked to create 3 panels(210x210) that each reflect an influence on my design work. I chose music, my mum and Bristols incredible Street Art scene.

Music is reflected in the first panel with the manipulation of the Glade Festival logo. Unfortunatly Glade was cancelled this year making me rather upset to say the least. However its the spirit of festivals and the release and expression of music that really influences my work. I wanted the panel with my mum to be a simple phoography piece set in a peaceful traditional location. Hence the seaside where my mum spend alot of time as a child, taking influence from old photo albums. The final panel expresses what Bristol has to offer in the form of street art inpiration. It was important completely hand render this piece to in keep with the underground style of Bristol art.

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